Livelihood Support


Reduced poverty and gender disparity among 100 households, translating to 450 individuals  (Household Size = 4.5) in ward 32 of Zaka district by improving household incomes and financial resilience for young women aged 15 – 24 years. Young women were engaged in small livestock and indigenous vegetable value chain production, Internal Savings and Lending (ISALs) and small enterprises. Alongside this, gender awareness sessions engaging men and boys were conducted which gave women increased power to decide on the use of income and participate in household decision making.

Community mobilization and advocacy


TYDT has been actively engaged in advocacy both at local and community level to safeguard the rights of the girl child and promote gender equality. At local level, we conducted a number of Community Mobilization Awareness Campaigns with young people in Zaka and Chiredzi District. The campaigns engaged community leaders, local authorities and wider community members. To date, more than 12,342 people have been reached with child marriage messages. At district and national level, TYDT has conducted the following advocacy work: (1) with technical support from the Girls Not Brides (, TYDT advocated for the Government of Zimbabwe to support and co-sponsor the United Nation General Assembly (UNGA) 2018 resolution on Child, Early and Forced Marriage (CEFM) through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Permanent Mission of the Republic of Zimbabwe to the United Nations and Ministry of Women Affairs, Gender and Community Development (MWAGCD).  

Fortunately, the Government of Zimbabwe committed its support to the UNGA 2018 resolution on CEFM and subsequently, in 2019, TYDT liaised with MWAGCD and mounted a side event in Zaka district to showcase the government’s commitment to the resolution. (2) With financial and technical support from Women and Law in Southern Africa (WLSA), we advocated for the Government of Zimbabwe to adopt the SADC Model Law on Eradicating Child Marriage and Protecting Children Already in Marriage through lobbying Members of Parliament (MPs).

Promotion of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR)


Reduced new STIs including HIV infection and teenage pregnancies among young people aged 10-24 years in ward 32 of Zaka district. To achieve this, we used 3 strategies namely:

(1) improving access to youth-friendly health services for adolescents and youth, including sanitary products for Adolescent Girls and Young Women (AGYW).

(2) Improving knowledge on SRHR through delivery of Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) to both in and out of school youths.

(3) Creating an enabling environment by improving community and parental support.

To date, more than 6,946 AGYW and Adolescent Boys and Young Men (ABYM) have been reached with SRHR information and services using different channels. These channels include the peer education model, Information Technologies, ward opening days complemented with SRHR service provision from partners such as Ministry of Health and Child Care, PSI, Amnesty International etc., capacity building trainings, Community Resource Centres (CRC)/Youth Friendly Corners (YFC), Sports events and advocacy at community targeting parents, caregivers and traditional leaders to eradicate harmful social and cultural practices that predispose young people’s SRHR.

Participation in special events


TYDT both organized and participated in a number of special events at local, district, national and international level. These events include but not limited to:

(1) The June 25-27, 2018 global meeting on ending Child, Early and Forced Marriage which took place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Participation in this event was fully funded by Girls Not Brides.

(2) Participated in district and national environmental clean-up campaigns organized by the Environmental Management Agency (EMA) to promote clean cities in Zimbabwe.

(3) Organized and participated in other stakeholders organized Community HIV prevention campaigns/social marketing events complemented with onsite provision of SRHR services such as HIV Testing and Counselling, Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision (VMMC), Family Planning, STI screening, ART initiation and TB screening, among others. 

Networks & Partnerships


TYDT has working relationships with line ministries, government departments, micro-finance institutions and other implementing partners on sexual and reproductive health, HIV prevention, and livelihoods of young people in Zimbabwe. It has also explored partnership with international organizations. TYDT has also joined a global partnership on ending child marriage - Girls Not Brides. TYDT created and has working relations with a number of partners:  

(1) Signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOUs) with government ministries and departments i.e. Ministry of Health and Child Care, Ministry of Youth, Sports, Arts and Recreation, Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education, Ministry of Public Service, Labor and Social Welfare, Ministry of Women Affairs and Zaka district council.

(2) Signed an agreement with Accounting for International Development ( to receive support in financial management.

Apart from that, TYDT has also joined a number of coalitions and networks:

(1) Girls Not Brides ( – The global partnership on Ending Child Marriage

(2) Gender Based Violence Prevention Network ( – a dynamic group of activists and practitioners committed to preventing Violence Against Women (VAW) in the North of East and Southern Africa  

(3) CIVICUS Alliance - ( a global alliance of CSOs and activists dedicated to strengthening citizen action and civil society throughout the world

(4) Civil Society Strengthening Project: a project funded by the European Union, implemented by Plan International, WLSA and Justice for Children to train 60 CSOs on the rights of children and gender equality  

(5) Girls Not Brides Coalition, Zimbabwe – a movement dedicated to fighting child marriage in Zimbabwe

(6) Child Rights Coalition Zimbabwe / Zimbabwe National Council for the Welfare of Children ( – coordinates the child rights sector in Zimbabwe

(7) The Africa Youth Initiative on Climate Change Zimbabwe – a youth network accelerating youth actions on climate and promoting environmental sustainability

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